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The JALAN Group of companies are one of the largest millet manufacturers and wholesale suppliers in India. Our millet products consist of flour made from Makai, Jowar and Ragi which are best-selling and popular for their nutritional values. JALAN Millets are rich in dietary fibre and enhance antioxidant intake. It helps to boost the immune system.

We take into consideration the health of our consumers. Our food products improve digestive capacity and maintain blood pressure. The low-fat content further helps to manage weight.

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We are proud to provide products that are free from any impurities. Throughout the manufacturing process, we ensure that the products do not lose their nutritional value. Millets help to maintain blood cholesterol level and a healthy BMI. People with diabetes should try our products to keep their blood sugar levels under control.

The atta can be used for daily consumption and is most suitable for individuals who aim to reduce obesity and maintain body weight. They are suitable for making chapati, roti and for consumption with milk.

Available in: Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh